Men’s Exchange with Beckman High School

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On October 19th, the men from the EHS choir and musicianship class had an exchange with the men from the Beckman High School.

It was a day for our male singers to meet up with other men in the community and share their passion for music. During our two hours together, the men learned warm up exercises specifically meant for the male voice, they learned two pieces of music, and performed “For the Longest Time” for our administration in four part harmony.

After the performance, a Beckman High School alumnus visited us to share how his music experience in high school helped him get into college and he gave the students some insight into the life of a freshman music major. And, of course, the day would not have been complete without massive consumption of pizza and a jam session.

Thank you Nancy Stuck and the men from Beckman High School for making the trip and spending the afternoon with us! The girls can’t wait for their turn!