Our New Music Industry Program

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Edison High School is excited for the first year of their new Music Industry program. The program is designed to prepare students for the various careers in today’s music industry. All students in the program are taught the basics of guitar, piano, singing, music theory, and songwriting as well as numerous other skills necessary to become a musician.

Then, students choose a major to focus on the area that they are most interested in. This project-based program gives students the opportunity to apply the skills they are learning into real-world situations.

The program is still growing, but the majors that will be offered this year are:

  1. Performance
    • Students will choose an instrument to focus on and will polish the technique and skills involved with that particular instrument.
    • Students will pick their own repertoire and will perform both solo and in ensembles.
    • Students will learn how to market themselves and book their own gigs.
    • Students will learn the basics of recording and editing and record their own demo.
  2. Song Writing/Arranging
    • Students will learn techniques to write and arrange their own music and will build a portfolio of their own pieces.
    • Students will learn the basics of instrumentation, voice leading, and dictation.
    • Students will learn common chord progressions and will apply them to their writing.
    • Students will learn to use notational software.
  3. Theory
    • Students will expand on the theory we covered 1st semester.
    • Students will practice sight-reading and ear training skills.
    • Students will practically apply theoretical concepts and terminology by composing, performing, and listening to music.
    • Students will prepare for the AP music theory exam should they choose to take it.

In the future, we are hoping to expand the program to include a music technology major and to add bass and percussion to the curriculum. If you have any questions about the program or would like to become a part of the program, contact Miss Franzetti at cfranzetti@hbuhsd.edu. Make sure to check out our calendar for upcoming events!