Choir Events this Semester

Cristiana FranzettiChoir News

Wow our choir has had quite the semester! We started off the year by singing the National Anthem at Angel Stadium in a mass choir directed by Dr. Christopher Peterson. Shortly after that, we had our choir retreat where the students had an opportunity to bond over a series of games and activities! Pictures of these events can be found in our photo gallery.

We had several small performances on campus for various events, but our first public performance was our Fall Showcase. The choirs performed some pop tunes along side our Music Industry class including “Hanging Tree,” “The Death of a Bachelor,” and a fully staged “La La Land medley.” The students decided that they had not done enough performing and decided to put on a Student Showcase to highlight the many talented soloists in our program. It was a fully student run production and the participants generously donated the money they raised to give scholarships to our students who are going on choir tour in April!

After these performances, we changed gear into holiday mode! We were hired for several holiday gigs and we ended the season with our Holiday Concert. Our Holiday Concert was the first performance that our choirs and Concert Band have put on together! The turn out was excellent and included a record number or Edison staff and alumni!

Though we have already done so much, there is still so much to look forward to this year! We are having our first District Festival on March 20th and we will also be participating in a couple other festivals this year! In addition to this, we will be going on our choir tour to the Bahamas where we will compete in a festival on a cruise, meet with the cruise performers, and have an exchange with the National Youth Choir of the Bahamas. Further, we are looking forward to other events such as our choir exchange with Chapman University, our Around the World Concert, our Broadway Review, and the Zetti Awards. If you would like to find out more about these events, check out our Events Calendar or send an email to Miss Franzetti at