Choir and Music Industry Events in March

Cristiana FranzettiChoir News

It has been a busy month for the choir and MI classes! Check out all we have done!

Chapman University Exchange with the Charger Choir, Women’s Chorus, and Varsity Choir
We went to Chapman University and had an exchange with the University Singers and several student groups. We started by going to the University Singer’s rehearsal and we learned a song with their choir. We will be performing this song in our Around the World Concert tomorrow. Afterwards, we observed the rehearsal led by Dr. Stephen Coker. Then, the group Queercapella played some bonding games for us and performed for us. Following this, the a cappella group, Soundcheck, performed for us, led a beat boxing workshop with us, and led a workshop with our Varsity Choir. Finally, a panel of students did a Q&A with us to answer the students’ questions about college and give tips about applications. The students also had a brief tour of the campus and some time to explore and play in the fountains. Here are some pictures and videos from the event.
Chapman University Exchange

Music Industry Takes a Field Trip to a Recording Studio and Starts Booking Gigs
The performance majors in Music Industry went to a professional recording studio to record their singles. Here are some pictures and their recordings from that day.
Studio Recordings
Seven of our bands have booked their gigs and four of those bands have already performed. A few of the bands were rebooked immediately after their performance because they were so well received! They are really starting to make names for themselves in the community!

First District Choral Festival
The choral directors in the district organized our first District Choral Festival! It included the choirs from Edison, Marina, Oceanview, and Westminster. We started by having a big lunch party with all schools to get to know one another. Then, we learned a song as a group. Afterwards, each group performed their festival set and had a workshop led by a director from another school. Students were adjudicating the performances in real time on their phones and the results went directly to the directors who used this to inform their workshop. At the end, we performed the group song we learned together. It was a great way to share music, meet new people, and grow as a district!

Coming Up in the Next Two Months
4/13/18 – Around the World concert featuring all choirs and Music Industry classes at 7:00pm at Living Waters Church
4/20/18 – Varsity Choir goes to the Fullerton Jazz Festival
4/21/18 – Ryan Grandon and Eat Glass perform at Beach Hut Deli at 6:30pm
4/28/18 – Charcoal performs at Chain Reaction at 8:00pm
5/3/18 – Charger Choir and Women’s Choir go to the SCVA Festival
5/11/18 – Classic Rock Tribute concert featuring the Music Industry Class and Varsity Choir at 7:00pm in the Black Box
5/18/18 – Broadway Review concert featuring the Charger Choir and Women’s Choir singers at 7:00pm in the Black Box
*more performances will be added to the website as they get booked by the MI class