Battle of the Bands

Cristiana FranzettiChoir News

The Music Industry class put on quite a performance at the Battle of the Bands! A total of thirteen bands from the Music Industry program competed for the trophy and Greasy River returned to the stage to pass down their title. We had a variety of different arrangements ranging from an acoustic ballad cover of “Billie Jean,” which swept the awards in the vocals category, to a heavy metal arrangement of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” by none other than The Second Rising of the Lamb. Dice and Fusion Plume also wowed the audience with their original songs. And who could forget the “Toxic” showdown where Stereohigh and Aquatic Ranch 2 battled it out and the audience decided that Aquatic Ranch “wore it best.” But at the end of the day, Sonia won it all and became our 2018 Battle of the Bands champions!

You can check out our feature on this Bolt TV episode! It is about three minutes into the episode.